Looking to move to or within beautiful Chicago but you’re just not sure what type of property type you’re looking for?

Well, when moving to or within any city, there are many things to consider beyond just what your dream home you want to move into looks like. 

Things like what neighborhoods will best suit your needs will be crucial, proximity to amenities and what kind of lifestyle you’re hoping to lead. 

Price is a crucial factor in many people’s decision making process of whether or not they would still like to move to certain areas that offer the type of style home they’re looking for. 

Beyond other factors, we’ve come up with just some of a few essential factors you should keep in mind when considering whether you’re looking for a condo or house in the Windy City. 

What Best Suits Your Lifestyle 

Depending on what your current living situation looks like, there may just be a much clearer and better option in regards to what will make your life easier, as well as raise the quality when considering a condo or house in Chicago. 

Take it you’re raising a new family, with some kids there and more on the way, yet you’re also not sure of how many. 

Now, if you’re in this situation and looking for a condo in a high-rise in downtown Chicago, it’s possible, but you may have to cut back on things that you wouldn’t if you were to own a house or even a townhouse in Chicago. 

Consider the condo only has two bedrooms, yet you plan on having up to two kids sleeping in one room. This may work for some time, but you may quickly discover you need more space than you thought. 

Especially depending on what your work situation is like, a work from home scenario will be much more difficult when you don’t have the space and quiet necessary to focus because you may need to keep your desk in the living room. 

Beyond that, you may need to look at a condo as a short term option if there are more members of the family on the way in just a few years’ time. 

Whereas someone who is on their own, or even a young professional couple may decide that is just the space they need. 

With all of the nightlife nearby and the hustle and bustle of downtown city life, that may be just what an individual or couple is looking for. 

Money, Money, Money

At the end of the day, as much as you may love downtown Chicago as a hotspot for everything convenient and exciting, the price of homes factors more into your decision than anything else. 

Considering a condo in downtown Chicago may be similar to considering a luxury home in a suburban neighborhood, however there are plenty of options for neighborhoods right nearby that it won’t even feel as though you’re far from everything downtown has to offer. 

Consider the nearby neighborhoods in the southwestern area of Chicago, only a short drive from the central part of the city, you gain access to amazing school districts, more green space and parks for kids to play, and much more affordable homes with many averaging around the $500,000 mark. 

On the other hand, newer condos in downtown Chicago tend to be on the higher end of the price range, however the value increases as the city becomes more and more popular.

Consult With A Realtor

No matter how much you may love looking at homes or imagining your dream life in a new change of scenery, it is essential that you remain well informed on the market in the neighborhoods of Chicago you’re looking into. 

House hunting can be a stressful process, one that is made much easier by getting in touch with a realtor who can look into the many questions you will have. 

If you’re looking for potential return on investment, speaking to a realtor would be a great idea on how to gauge if a condo is the right step financially. 

Even looking at projections for where you may get the most value out of your future home can be made much easier by communicating with a realtor who has the access to resources you may not. 

Make your house hunting process in Chicago much easier by looking at all of your options and seeing what truly fits your lifestyle, including what you can afford and making the right move with the right realtor by your side. 

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