So you’re looking for some beloved places to find the best cup of coffee or some nice treats in the Windy City. 

Chicago is certainly known for having many local roasteries that source beans in order to produce the freshest, most delicious blend of coffee you’ve tasted. 

Not to mention the several loved Chicago coffee shops that take their blend more seriously than you could imagine - brewing drips from flavors you may have never even heard of. 

We’ve put together a list of just 5 of the many incredible coffee shops that Chicago has to offer - both great to pick up a quick coffee and to sit down for some espresso with friends. 

Hero Coffee Bar

Hero Coffee Bar is a cozy coffee chain with 5 locations all over Chicago that is known for their delicious, freshly brewed coffee and mouth-watering bagel sandwiches. 

Opened in 2014, Hero Coffee Bar cares about its Chicago community, putting love into their quality cups of coffee with an amazing mission statement “to positively impact our communities one meaningful cup at a time”. 

With many delicious flavors of coffee and different beans for sale such as their Dark Guatemala or Medium Mexico Chiapas, or even their cold brew flavors like the Nitro Cold Brew, you can’t go wrong with picking up a delicious coffee from one of these many locations. 

Not to mention their varied assortment of all day breakfast sandwiches with endless options to choose from on your choice of bagel. 

Oromo Cafe 

Oromo Cafe is another beloved cafe in Chicago that is known for its innovative and creative take on their craft lattes. 

With house-made nut milks and nutrient heavy mixes free of dairy, eggs, gluten, and more - it’s hard to find another cafe that produces top quality, cared for coffee like Oromo.

The beans at Oromo Cafe truly come from all over the world, places you wouldn’t even imagine trying. 

From India to Cuba, Japan to Turkey, even Africa and South and central America, and much more. Oromo Cafe is a certifiably one of a kind experience for coffee lovers everywhere. 

The Wormhole Coffee 

The Wormhole Coffee is a premier coffee clubhouse in Chicago. An ‘80s themed rustic coffee shop, The Wormhole Coffee comes fully equipped with the best flavors - and its very own DeLorean!

Not just coffee, but the daily drink specials ranging from brews and lattes to alcohol infused, caffeinated drinks everyone will love will have you falling in love with this sweet spot. 

The Wormhole 2 has also opened up a spot showcasing more of their delicious drinks like The One which is a vanilla cold brew and PennyRoyal Chai mixed with vegan butterscotch chips. 

Blue Bottle Coffee

Not only is this a more trendy, modern cafe featuring more upscale coffee drinks and treats, but it’s also sustainable.

Sitting right at the three vital riverways of Chicago, the heart of the Chicago Y, you have a beautiful location providing seasonal drinks and espressos as well as a great mix of local beer from Hopewell Brewing and even wine and cocktails!

Working directly with farmers around the world to bring you the very best and most sustainable coffees you can find, Blue Bottle Coffee is truly a treat found in Chicago. 

Sawada Coffee

This beautifully lit up coffee shop that is a true treat to be found on Chicago’s streets was founded by Japanese barista and champion latte artist Hiroshi Sawada and a large Chicago restaurant group, Hogsalt Hospitality. 

Sawada Coffee not only offers incredible coffee hard to find anywhere else - it offers an experience. 

It shares its space with the barbecue restaurant Green Street Smoked Meats so you’re hit with an aroma of delicious barbecue. Yet, the most fragrant aroma of all is the matcha green tea which Sawada uses as a key ingredient in many of the drinks, including the signature drink - the Military Latte. 

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