So you’re thinking of moving to the beautiful metropolis of Chicago - there’s no surprise there. 

It’s easy to fall in love with the beautiful Windy City and the lights of this lively metropolis reflecting off of its towering high-rises and sparkling lakefront. 

While moving to Chicago is undoubtedly an exciting time for you - you also don’t want to be underprepared. 

Here are just a few important tips to get you started on your big move.

Chicago Neighborhoods Have A Personality Of Their Own

Chicago’s neighborhoods truly have more character than most cities you would expect. 

The residents of these local areas truly become one with the community and become like a tight-knit family. 

Take even the different regions of Chicago from East to West, they all bring about their own unique charm and set of characteristics anyone can find a part to love. 

The neighborhoods in the North are seen to be more exciting and youthful - from live music and jazz to watching a Cubs game to all of the charming local shops. 

While the South side offers all you need for a vast variety of cultural and social diversity, whether it’s through incredible museums to authentic cuisine, you’ll get the true Chicago experience here. 

One Of A Kind Housing Market

While right off the bat you may think Chicago real estate would be a tough market to break into - that’s simply not the case. 

Chicago offers a variety of property types for sale at surprisingly affordable prices. 

With an average listing price at around $500,000 in today’s market, yet you can find listings for as low as $150,000 and luxury even upwards of $20 million - you’ve truly found the city that offers the variety you need. 

Chicago is even known to have one of the best housing market bargains in North America. 

From sky-high condos to gorgeous, charming townhomes, Chicago has it all. 

Get Ready For The Extreme Weather

Yes, of course everyone knows about the Windy City - although it doesn’t seem like newcomers to the city are as prepared for it or any of the other extreme weather conditions the city brings about. 

The winds can be so cold and piercing, especially considering them bouncing off of the lake, that even schools in the area are known to shut down just from how cold it is. 

Dress heavy - even a parka, hat, and gloves won’t be enough to brave these fierce Chicago chills, you need to layer up more than you even think you do. 

While the cold airs and winters are absolutely brutal to say the least - the summers truly reward you. 

There’s a festival season from May all the way through October with over 150 events in total! You’ve finally made it through the harshness of critical Chicago climate months. 

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